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Group Ownership

Group Ownership

BORG Automotive Group has, since April 2017, been owned by the industrial conglomerate Schouw & Co.

Schouw & Co. is a listed industrial conglomerate that makes long-term investments in leading Danish businesses in which active and developing ownership is performed. Schouw & Co. was founded in 1878 and has since 1954 been listed on the Copenhagen Stock Exchange.

Currently, six large enterprises are fully owned by Schouw & Co, whereas BORG Automotive is the latest added to the business portfolio.

Besides BORG Automotive, Schouw & Co. owns:

    Producer of quality feed for industrialised fish farming. BioMar is the word’s third largest manufacture of quality feed for industrial fish farming. The main areas are feed for salmon and trout as well as sea bass and sea bream.

    Manufacturer of spun bound for the hygiene industry. Fibertex Personal Care is among the world’s five largest manufactures of spunbonded/spun melt nonwovens for the personal care industry, mainly nappies, feminine hygiene and incontinence care products.

    Producer of nonwovens for industrial applications. Fibertex Nonwovens is among Europe’s leading manufactures of nonwovens, i.e. nonwoven textiles used for a number of different industrial purposes.

    Specialised in hydraulic components and solutions. HydraSpecma is a specialised trading and engineering company with core areas of trade, production and know-how within hydraulic components and systems for the industry.

    Manufacturer of electronics and advanced mechanics. GPV is the leading provider of EMS in Denmark, and acts as supplier to several of the largest, international OEM companies.