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We contribute to the world's best plan

UN - Sustainable Development Goals

We contribute to the world's best plan - the UN's 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

With the 17 SDGs, all the world's countries have decided to work towards a more sustainable future. Together, the 17 goals are also called the world's most important plan. In BORG Automotive Group, we have selected four SDGs to which we, as a company, will contribute:

8 - Decent jobs and economic growth

At Borg Automotive Group, decent jobs and growth are two areas that go hand in hand. Our employees are an important asset, which is why it is only natural for us to contribute to this global goal. We are in a very employee-intensive industry, where we rely heavily on our employees and their well-being. We want to contribute to attractive workplaces and development opportunities for everyone.

9 - Industry, innovation, and infrastructure

Sustainable industrialisation supported by innovation is an SDG to which Borg Automotive Group naturally contributes, as it is an integral part of the company's DNA and driving force. Developments in the automotive industry are accelerating technologically in the Original Equipment Market. Borg Automotive Group is working purposefully to develop processes for the remanufacturing of new products, in which innovation and technological development are at the forefront in order to continue sustainable development. New technologies are constantly needed.

12 - Responsible consumption and production

Borg Automotive Group works to ensure responsible consumption and production both when it comes to our remanufactured products as well as our trading activities. We continuously work to improve our resource consumption and generate less waste. We want to act responsibly throughout our supply chain and require our suppliers to do the same. We want to save the earth's resources.

17 - Partnerships for action

At Borg Automotive Group, we believe in partnerships, and that multiple perspectives on the issue contribute to a better solution. We encourage effective partnerships with our customers, for example, to ensure more sustainable development. This also applies to other areas, such as educational institutions and professional networks. Together we can make a bigger difference.

If you are interested in partnerships with Borg Automotive Group, do not hesitate to reach out.