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BORG Automotive expands its range by 113 part numbers, covering 2 million vehicles in Europe

BORG Automotive, the largest independent remanufacturer of automotive spare parts in Europe, has YTD added 113 part numbers to its range of starters and alternators. This brings Europe-wide market coverage in both product groups to approximately 95 percent. Among the newly added types are spare parts for many new vehicles, including the current Ford Transit, the Jeep Renegade, and Volkswagen’s T-Roc.

The remanufacturer has added 68 alternators and 45 starters to its range, offering them to distributors and thereby workshops with immediate effect under the Elstock, DRI, TMI, and Lucas brands. Thus ensuring the aftermarket now has access to a remanufactured OE-matching quality alternative to the corresponding original spare parts for over 2 million vehicles in Europe.

With the expansion, BORG Automotive continues to pursue its strategy of being the market leader in terms of market coverage while also bringing spare parts to market earlier than the competition. Accordingly, the new additions include many vehicle applications of recent model years, for example, the company is one of the first aftermarket suppliers to offer an alternator for the 2021 Ford Transit. It is the ideal spare part for over 100 vehicle applications from various introduction years.

With its new alternator for the Jeep Renegade from the 2019 model year or the Fiat 500X from 2021, BORG Automotive remains at the forefront. The same proves true for an alternator for Kia Ceed, which covers more than 20 vehicle applications that have rolled off the production line after 2016. Also new to the range is a starter for several models of the Fiat Ducato, as installed by the manufacturer in its vehicles since 2019.

Beyond that, the latest expansion shows that BORG Automotive keeps an eye on new technologies and ensures that these are made available to dealers and workshops as reman options at the earliest possible stage. The latest additions to the portfolio include a further belt-driven starter generator (BSG), a combined unit consisting of a starter, and an alternator, which can be found in mild hybrid cars. It fits perfectly into more than 30 hybrid applications from Audi built in 2017 and later.

As with all reman spare parts from BORG Automotive, all new arrivals are original cores, which BORG Automotive remanufactures to like-new condition in quality-certified European factories. Each original part is disassembled, cleaned, and thoroughly inspected. BORG Automotive then replaces wear parts before reassembly. Finally, each individual product is subjected to quality tests on modern test benches in compliance with the manufacturer’s specifications.

Thus, remanufactured spare parts of the brands Elstock, TMI, DRI, and Lucas guarantee quality on par with new OES parts but at a more attractive price-performance ratio and with a better environmental footprint – because compared to the production of new spare parts, remanufacturing consumes significantly less energy and raw materials.

All parts from the latest range expansion are available immediately for retailers and workshops and can be found in TecDoc. They are supplied ready for installation with a two-year warranty without mileage limits.