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Order your air-conditioning compressors now to be ready for the spring and summer season

A properly working air-conditioning system is important. It ensures optimum temperatures in the vehicle at all times of the year and even protects against fogged windows in problematic weather conditions. However, malfunctions are often noticed in the spring and summer, so aftermarket distributors should plan and order now for the coming season to secure availability for their customers. If there are gaps to be filled, BORG Automotive offers them a wide range of remanufactured and highly available air-conditioning compressors from the Elstock, DRI, Lucas, and TMI brands – at an excellent price/performance ratio and in a quality that is on a par with original parts.

When the days get longer and temperatures rise, the car's air-conditioning system is used more frequently. That’s why drivers notice a poor cooling performance particularly often in the spring, or it is noticed at the latest during a routine air-conditioning check in the workshop. In most cases, it is sufficient to refill the refrigerant, but even if the air-conditioning compressor has failed, good advice need not be expensive, as BORG Automotive provides aftermarket distributors with an alternative to expensive original parts.

95 percent market coverage

“Now is the time to prepare for growing demand next year,” says Jesper Jensen, Product Manager at BORG Automotive. “With our range of air-conditioning compressors, we offer distributors exactly what they need to supply their workshop customers in a timely manner and enable them to provide a perfect repair.”

BORG Automotive’s assortment comprises around 1,300 part numbers and a Europe-wide vehicle coverage of approximately 95 percent. Top quality is also guaranteed as Europe’s largest independent automotive remanufacturer exclusively remanufactures original parts. For each part number, the in-house development center determines the optimal remanufacturing process. Production takes place in the company’s own factories in Europe. No wear or defect, no matter how small, in the housing, bores, clutch, pulleys, electric coils, or control valves remains hidden from the company’s specialists, and every issue is rapidly fixed. What’s more, every air-conditioning compressor is individually tested to OE specifications at the end of the remanufacturing process. Before an air-conditioning compressor goes on sale, for example, it must pass leak tests up to 22 bar.

Electric air-conditioning compressors in the range as well

In addition, BORG Automotive is one of the few remanufacturers in the world that can offer aftermarket distributors electric air-conditioning compressors for electric cars and hybrids. Says Jesper Jensen: “We invested early in the respective know-how and technologies to be able to offer our trade partners air-conditioning compressors that are driven by their own electric motor instead of a belt. This makes us a ‘one-stop shop’ for aftermarket distributors – today and in the future.”

Increased reliability through resilient supply chains

In addition to OE-identical quality, excellent value for money, high market coverage, and the fact that remanufacturing saves natural resources and energy, there is another argument in favor of air-conditioning compressors from the Elstock, DRI, TMI, and Lucas brands: a high level of delivery reliability. BORG Automotive continuously stocks around one million spare parts suitable for remanufacturing, sources very few components from outside Europe, produces in Poland, Spain, and the UK, and has high-performance logistics in Poland. In recent years, the company, therefore, has not been affected by the problems of international supply chains to the same extent as other suppliers. For distributors, this means reliability and fast delivery.

All air-conditioning compressors from BORG Automotive are delivered ready for installation and with the correct amount of oil required by the OEM – including a two-year warranty with no mileage limit.

Furthermore, BORG Automotive has produced a video showing the installation process of an air-conditioning compressor, which distributors can use both for their own internal training sessions as well as for providing workshops with knowledge about how to prevent a breakdown of a newly installed compressor. The video is available both in TecDoc, the BORG Automotive webshops and as a QR code on the installation guide in the product packaging.