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Our ambition of Continuous Improvement can only be realised by highly skilled employees


BORG Automotive Group is a value-based company. This is reflected in the way we do business, as well as in our approach to HR-related responsibilities.

Our five values, Competence, Responsibility, Transparency, Interdependency, and Continuous Improvement are thus the core and foundation for all our company policies. For our dedicated employees, this is both a guideline and an assurance to secure good employee conditions.

We aim to have a leadership that transforms values into business practice by developing our employees by giving trust and empowerment.

Among other things, this specifically means that you, as an employee, at BORG Automotive Group, will experience a working culture that supports:

  • A flat hierarchy with an open management style
  • Respect and mindfulness of individual differences
  • Business Performance based on individual development and mutual understanding
  • Focus on the fact that our employees’ well-being includes their family-life
  • A strong feeling that you create the company and its results
We are building the company on a foundation of five values, and we strongly believe that building success in the future depends on competent and responsible people, interdependent and transparent in relations, striving for continuous improvement. Kim Kruse - CEO

BORG Automotive is a workplace for more than 1,900 ambitious colleagues in Denmark, England, Poland, Spain, and Belgium, all working together to make us a reputable and reliable supplier – now and in the future.

A multicultural company

As a multicultural company with skilled employees in different locations around Europe, we believe interdependency creates unlimited organizational strength. We value differences between people and believe that different competencies and skills can be used for the benefit of common success. We consider everybody unique and valuable and treat them with respect and without prejudice.

Our slogan is “The most Important Part is You”. This reflects how we interact with and view our partners and customers, but it also defines how we interact within the company. Everyone plays an important part in making BORG Automotive Group Europe’s leading remanufacturer in automotive solutions.

Employee Testimonials

    “I have been working at BORG Automotive since 2007. I started as an Account Manager for Germany but have worked with different markets through the years. Besides that, my work life at BORG has offered me different tasks – e.g. I have been involved in fair planning, and especially Automechanika for many years. I have tried to seize the opportunities that came my way, which has given me a fundamental understanding of our business.

     In 2020, there was an organizational change, and I was offered a new position as Team Leader for Customer Service in Denmark and Spain, as well as a diploma programme in Management. I was very happy to be shown this trust, and I think it shows that if you make an effort at BORG, you have the opportunity to grow and develop. The company is continuously developing, so there are always new possibilities to seize.

     BORG is a value-based company, and when you have been here as many years as I have, you automatically live the values and pass them along to new employees. For me, the company culture at BORG can be described as flexible, trusting, and respectful. We listen to each other and respect each other’s differences - both personally and professionally. It is important that people like working here and are happy to walk in the door every morning – if it were not so, I would not have been here for almost 16 years”.

    "I have been working for the company since 2011, so for more than 11 years now. I started in Customer Service and Sales Administration, and my first task was to handle implementing a big new customer from France. After two years, I also began managing OE projects.

    This was the time before the integration with BORG Automotive, and as a smaller family-run business, there was a different structure than we have today. Because of this, I was responsible for handling everything around the customers; transport, logistics, contracts, meetings, and shipments. This increased my knowledge about the company, and I think I have profited from being in charge in many different areas. That is something I have taken with me over the years.

    In 2020, when we integrated with BORG Automotive, I was promoted to Project Manager, handling the BASP integration project along with the Danish department. We quickly became familiar, and it put a big smile on my face to gain new friends and colleagues – so it was a very good experience to become part of BORG Automotive.

    Finally, this year I was offered a new opportunity as Purchasing Director. This is a position that I am not educated for, so I am grateful to get the chance. I think it clearly shows that at BORG Automotive, they trust that abilities can be built within the company. They want to promote talent from within and give opportunities to the people that they feel they can develop.

    In my new role as a leader, I was also offered training on how to be a good leader. I still have things to learn, and I can keep developing at BORG Automotive, which I am thankful for."